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Cette année Blizzard a encore frappé fort ! Je vous laisse découvrir tout cela.

World of Warcraft

The Path to Argus 

The Battle for Argus Begins 

A noter que le patch 7.3 sort la semaine prochaine (le 30/08/2017)


  • The fate of our world and all worlds hangs in the balance.
  • Argus has a story heavy epic experience, spanning three regions, including a new dungeon.
  • More world quests, missions, and artifact changes are coming.
  • A rift links our world to Argus, the homeworld of the Legion. We have an opportunity to strike and defeat them now.
  • You land at Krokun first, meeting the Army of the Light. They have been fighting the Legion across the galaxy.
  • We will meet new types of demons, stronger than demons we have seen ever before. Pit Lord spawning grounds, and more.
  • Mac'Aree, the Jewel of Argus, is next. It is mostly intact, reflecting the old civilization that was here long ago. The Seat of the Triumvirate dungeon is also located here.
  • Invasion Points allow you to travel to other worlds to defeat the Legion, giving us a glimpse of worlds all over the galaxy that we have never seen.



Hearthstone Animated Short : Hearth and Home 


Overwatch Animated Short : "Rise and Shine" 

Heroes of the Storm

Obey the Call 

Kel'Thuzad Spotlight 
La vidéo de Hearthstone, un pwal disney mais j'aime !
Les vidéos D'argus m'ont over hype " jpp "
Kel thuzad à l'air combo fun *_* skill move à fond, neeeeeeeeeeed 

bref mercredi prochain je suis scotché devant mon écran *_*
J'arrive toujours pas a jouer Garrosh et ils veulent en plus que j'apprenne KT :^|

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